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"As a photographer, when designing brochures, catalogs or web pages, I use many photographs. Master Colors' color picker is an incredible tool for choosing colors of type, backgrounds and graphics that accompany those photos. By creating palettes around a dominant color in a photo, I can surround an image with elements whose colors are in perfect harmony with the photo. The palettes offer many choices and they are all beautiful color matches."

Thorney Lieberman -

TRUE STORY: For the very first time, in my professional career, I did not sweat a color combination. And again, another first (for me) "We LOVE the colors".....I'm like... the client said. What? MY colors? (well, not exactly mine) I'd purchased Color Composer Pro, tried it out, had some excellent, and I mean top-notch support from Master-colors with the few questions I did have...and the result? Perfect color combinations...that I could NEVER have found on my own. Proven on a real client! >smile. One reason this product is deeply more personal to me than most every other product? I'm color blind..and an Art Director! [ I'm assured my secret is safe with Master-Colors >smile ] You see, everyone sees color differently, some of us much more differently than most folks....a real dis-advantage when trying to match intricate color palettes for corporate identities, websites, and well...pretty much everything I work on. For years my only alternative was knowing my color mixes and tediously typing in process mixes where I knew what was what. What a door Color Composer has opened for me. To be able to confidently select, choose, print and present colors that I now know are right...ALWAYS a burden lifted from me that I'll not be able to repay. Even if you don't have a color viewing deficiency, because of the scientific theory behind the Color Composer engine you, yes I mean even you, would never be able to come up with the quantity of colors that completely mathematically work together like they were the only two colors on earth.

J.J., Art Director, California U.S.A.

"HVC Color Composer Pro demystifies color theory. Even for those of us with a formal fine art background, finding perfect color combinations can be, well, a pain... and in graphic design the correct color combination can make or break a contract. Color Composer Pro has given me the power to not only provide my clients with ads that work, starting with any base color from their logos or photos, but it's also allowed me to economically provide them with choices of color combinations. This makes the clients happy and makes me look good. Thanks Color Composer."

Carrie Johnson, Andarta Design

In our graphic design business, we followed for years the conventional method of picking colors from industry-standard swatch guides. It was a frustratingly limiting and, ultimately, ineffective approach to offering our clients the important design element of harmonious and distinctive color.

HVC Color Composer Pro has proven to be the ideal solution to our problem. We pick a foundation color for our project, set a few simple variables in the HVC color picker, and click to generate as few or as many harmonious colors as we need. We then save our color palette(s) for use throughout the Adobe Creative Suite and get down to the business of pleasing our clients.

Color Composer is an easy-to-use, effective, and well-supported product. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do a better job of navigating the treacherous waters of color selection for professional design.

Sandra Ann DePauw & Associates

We here at Courtney Architects had previously done our renderings by hand using the old marker and pencil technique and were concerned about making the transition to the computer due to color variance, etc. HVC Color Composer from Master Colors GREATLY helped with that transition by giving us accurate color codes that to relate Hue, Value and Chroma as provided by the Paint Manufacturer. Our presentation boards and material boards looked great, the client was pleased and we will continue with the product!

Chris Diesta, Design and Project Manager
Courtney Architects, San Luis Obispo

The installation went very smoothly. I really like having the separate palette for color composer for InDesign-- very slick.

I like the Add a Swatch button as well as being able to build a whole Palette for InDesign.

I'll tell you though, the biggest treat to me is having both the InDesign color picker & Color Composer available to me without having to switch pickers -- this is just very, very cool (because I already love Color Composer and know it's value...) -- I switch pickers in Photoshop so much that I have actions set up just to do this (saves quite a few keystrokes over the course of a day). I think implementing as similar to the colors palette is absolutely brilliant -- congratulations.

I'll be using it more as I work on projects and will continue to give you feedback.

Thanks again -- it's a great product and I feel privileged to have it,


Color is all about the emotion of a work of art and Color Composer has helped me keep color emotion balanced and consistent with what I want my work to say. My color practices have improved tremendously since I installed Color Composer Pro It was worth the wait!!!

Robert H.

This is such a brilliant piece of work!! I can search for a warm dark for a shadow w/ depth just as if I had a full table of all possible pastels!


Our work with color contributes a great deal to the style and sensibility our production pieces. Over the years an extensive library of images has been collected. These are catalogued by color and tone. Allowing the fieldwork to serve as a base; the next step is to construct groups of color swatches manually with the Photoshop eyedropper tool and the swatches palette. These swatches are then saved as aco files and added to a color book collection, catalogued according to the emotion a color set inspires.

Color Composer Pro is a perfect compliment to this workflow. Constructing color books will now be expanded with an extraordinary set of possibilities. We plan to stick with the initial color selection method and then tap into Composer’s expert advice as a collaborating partner; “the angel on your shoulder”.

Some very exciting possibilities exist with digital hand painted images. Illustrator’s new live trace feature provides an excellent vector model for the application of Composer’s color palettes.

Traditionally, the selection process in Photoshop has been focused on an object or region methodology. The suggestion with Composer is to augment this technique with selections based on specific color and luminance. It is amazing to watch Composer and Photoshop work together, reveling potential locations for correction or enhancement.

Robert W

"I was able to save my company about $250,000 last year with the HVC Color Composer Professional. If most of our clients were using it, the savings would be in the millions. This utility brings professional quality color to the fingertips of the design world," said Casey George, Digital Prepress Mgr., Great Western Litho, CA. "This is the must-have plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign."